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Make me stay. Say something sweet and tender and untrue and make me stay.

Should I smile because he's my friend, or cry because that's all he is?

Love is master key that is capable of opening a gate of happiness.

I fell in love because of your words, and I got hurt because of them too!

Everybody knows how to love, but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever.

If I had flower for every time you made me smile & laugh I'd have a garden to walk in forever.

I'm not arguing, I'm simply tried to explaining why I'm Right.

My heart was taken by you, broken by you, and now it is in pieces because of you.

Never trust your heart because it's on the right side.

The heart that loves, stays always young.

Any time I break up with Dawson or question him, viewers turn against me.

I just want to know that someone considers me theirs.

Before you let go. Remember the reason why you were hanging on.

The better the relationship...the worse the breakup.

Hard work is a two way street. You get back exactly what you put in.

But someday u will truly realize that the time passed wid me was the most beautiful time ever...

The only way to fix this situation is to go back to when you asked me out...and say no.

I need something more to hold then just a phone.

It's funny how a person can hurt you so much when you were expecting it in the first place

I'm holding on to something that used to be there hoping it will come back, knowing it won't.

Silence speak very loudly but it is amazing how many people don't take the time to listen.

The minute you think of giving up think of the reason why you held on so long.

You know you're in love when you see the world in her eyes and her eyes everywhere in the world.

We both said I LOVE YOU to each other but the difference was, I didn't lie..

Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others.

Everything is fair in Love and War.

Love is when you tell a guy you love his shirt, then he wears it everyday.

No Guy Is Worth Your Tears & When You Find The One.. He Would Never Make You Cry.

Love doesn't lie, people do. Love doesn't leave, people do. Love won't hurt you, people will.

Fund love, found sadness at the end of the line. - Wyn Owen Justin

You really believe you want to die.. but in reality, you want to be saved.

Before you let go. Remember the reason why you were hanging on.

Its Still Hurts To See That You're Doing Completely Okay Without Me :(

There comes a time when walking away is the best for everyone.

Revenge is the purest emotion.

You were a moment, but now, you're a memory!

Every few nights or so you pop into my dreams, I just can't get rid of you like you got rid of me.

Perfect boyfriend : Does not drink, does not smoke, does not cheat and also Does not exist ????

I don't know why they call it heartbreak. It feels like other part of my body is broken too.

I don't want to be needed, I need to be wanted :(

It hurts to breathe because every breath I take proves I can't live without you.

Some people will always stay in your heart, even if you're gone from theirs

Maybe, someday, i just might forgive you.

You won't let anyone hurt her. But you'll hurt her worse than anyone else.

You either live in love or die, there is no way in between

One day you'll finally see, your biggest mistake was not loving me.

Even when someone breaks it to you gently, it's still possible to be crushed.

I don't hate you... but I have lost all the reason to love you!!!

One Of The Hardest Things In Life Is Having The Words In Your Heart That You Can Not Speak :/ :/

I don't want to be needed, I need to be wanted :(

Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.

A good friend will help you move, a best friend will help you move a dead body.

I have a bad habit of reading a text and forgetting to reply.

When we lose the right to be different, we lose the pre-village to be free.

I started beliving in LOVE wen u said 4 the 1st time tat LOVE is BEAUTIFUL THING

Since I'm always second in your life, it's time I make you last in mine.

Love is not what you can receive,it's all about what you can give.

Once upon a time, I was stupid enough to fall in love with you.

My life grow's but my pain remains forever.

A single lie discovered is enough to create doubt over every truth expressed..

Virtue is never left to stand alone. He who has it will have neighbours.

Why do you have to break up with her? Be a man. Just stop calling.

I'm totally a cheap date; I don't pay for anything.

If life really does flash before your eyes, I only want to see pictures of you and me

If you can't save relationship, At least save your pride.

Is that my ex ? No, that's the biggest mistake of my life.

My love for you is a journey, that starts at forever and ends at never in Life...

Once upon a time, I was stupid enough to fall in love with you.

One day you will want me and tell me sorry, but it'll be too late.

Time doesn't really Heal the heart. It just makes the heart forget all the pain.

When This IS Over, Remember, I didnt WALK Away, You Pushed Me Away..

Our life are defined by opportunities. Even the ones we miss.

Some Day You'll Love Me But I Won't Love You

If I had flower for every time you made me smile and laugh I'd have a garden to walk in forever.

The way you smile at me makes me smile even more.

Love is that which, cannot see the poorness.

The most pain full memory i have is of when i walked away and you let me leave.

If you wants a Stress free life don't expect anything from anyone bcz Expectations always hurts

If you were thinking about someone, while Studying you're definitely in Love..

What do you do when the only person who can stop your tears is the one making you cry.